About Us

Directions to Australian Venom Zoo Kuranda Cairns QLDStuart Douglass is the creator and director of the Australian Venom Zoo in far north Queensland.

The Zoo is an attraction for the public, but we also captive breed our animals, primarily for the extraction of their venom, which we send to bio- pharmaceutical companies all over the world for medical research. They are currently finding medicines for conditions from heart arrhythmia, brain cancer medication to arthritis pain relief. We also captive breed our Australian Tarantulas for the Pet Trade as well.

We have a great collection of animals here from the world’s most venomous spiders, Australia’s top 5 most venomous snakes, to a variety of scorpions, centipedes, reptiles and insects. And of course a great collection of our beloved Tarantula’s.

We give guided tours from an experienced animal handler who will talk to you about each individual animal, including the potency of their venom to their hunting instincts and natural defence mechanisms. It is a must see tour!!
We also perform LIVE venom extractions as well as snake feeding’s, which the public can watch and enjoy.

No where else in the world allows for this public viewing so its an amazing and unique thing to witness!

If you are in the area, we would love for you to come in and visit our zoo, come on one of our tours, check out the amazing animals and have a chat to our friendly staff and Stuart Douglass himself.

Stuart Douglass has been a part of many different documentaries in many parts of the world. He has won 13 international wildlife film awards for his contributions as a field expert on documentaries.

The Australian Venom zoo is located in Kuranda,  near the intersection of Therwine and Coondoo St (Across from the information centre). It is also an easy 5 minute stroll via the Kuranda Skyrail and Scenic Railway.
Find out about cutting edge medical research made from venoms. Interact with some of our fascinating, but harmless endemic animals, whilst viewing animals that you can not see at any other zoo in the world.

– Australian Tarantulas
– Scorpions
– Centipedes
– Venomous Snakes and Pythons

And Much More!

Kind Regards,
The Australian Venom Zoo