Welcome to The Australian Venom Zoo

The Australian Venom Zoo is Now Open. Located in Kuranda – 29km away from Cairns City, Far North Queensland. We run daily personalised, educational tours of our Displays of Australian Tarantulas, Scorpions, Centipedes, Lizards and Snakes.

Zoo Entry Fee:
Adults: $16.00
Children: $11.00 (Ages 5-17. Children under 5 FREE)
Family: $50.00 (2AD + 2 CHD)

Or a Snake Photo by itself for $10.00

Zoo Opens at 10 am every day and closes at 3 pm. Group Concessions are offered upon Application.

Please Phone 61 7 4093 8905 or Click Here to Email Us.* Group Concessions are offered to groups of 15 people and over.

Now Available at the Australian Venom Zoo, a wide range of merchandise, including;
– Shirts (Tees and Polo’s).
– Hats  (Snap-backs, One Size Fits All, Visors)
– Postcards
– Stubby Holders


What you will see:

* See venomous animals you will not find in Any Other Zoo On Earth
* Be a part of history in the making as you will learn that these animals are vital links to cures to some of the worlds deadliest diseases.

…And Much Much More

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Conservation is our Mission:

The Australian Venom Zoo’s main principle is to teach the public more about venomous animals and how we are incorporating this into work with bio-pharmaceutical companies.
All of the Venom that is supplied from the Australian Venom Zoo, goes towards developing the worlds most cutting edge medicines, through molecular biology. We tell people on a tour of the zoo that the top 65% of medicines or drugs are derived from Botany right now.
Within the next 5 to 10 years, all of the cutting edge medicines will be created using venom or biology.
This is not a new concept though since Indigenous people all throughout the world have been using these as medicines for thousands of years.
We aim to educate the general public that their are some great things being developed because of the deadliest animals in the world.

Our Zoo and our Website is dedicated to all arachnid lovers, especially to those interested in Australian Tarantulas. We’ve been actively involved in caring for and breeding Australian Tarantulas since the mid eighties in North Queensland and we have an extensive collection of Australian specimens of the Theraphosidae family as well as scorpions and centipedes.

We are also interested in swapping specimens with other collectors and generally communicating with all who have an interest in these fascinating creatures.

Stuart Douglass (Zoo Owner, Venomous Animals Expert).

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