Welcome to Australian Venom Zoo

Welcome to Australia Venom Zoo

Australian Venom Zoo is Now Open. Located in Kuranda (See Map)- in the Tablelands Near Cairns Far North Queensland. We run daily personalised, educational tours of our Displays of Australian Tarantulas, Scorpions, Centipedes, Lizards and Snakes.

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Zoo Entry Fee:

Adults: $16.00
Children: $10.00 (Ages 5-17. Children under 5 FREE)
Family: $40.00 (2AD + 2 CHD)

Zoo Opens at 10 am every day and closes at 4 pm. Group Concessions are offered upon Application.

Please Phone 61 7 4093 8905 or Click Here to Email Us.* Group Concessions are offered to groups of 15 people and over.

Guided Tours of Australian Venom ZooWhat you will see:

* see venomous animals you will not find in Any Other Zoo On Earth
* Be a part of history in the making as you will learn that these animals are vital links to cures to some of the worlds deadliest diseases.

…And Much Much More

Conservation our Mission:

Our Zoo and our Website is dedicated to all arachnid lovers, especially to those interested in Australian Tarantulas. We’ve been actively involved in caring for and breeding Australian Tarantulas since the mid eighties in North Queensland and we have an extensive collection of Australian specimens of the Theraphosidae family as well as scorpions and centipedes.

Our web site has been established for a number of purposes. There is advice on caring for arachnids and it is also possible to purchase specimens direct from us.

We are also interested in swapping specimens with other collectors and generally communicating with all who have an interest in these fascinating creatures. We’ve accumulated a lot of experience over the years which we are happy to share with others – it is a lifetime mission – so we look forward to communicating with others who share our interests. We also look forward to Linking with Like Minded sites.

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Job Opportunity:

Zoo Curator. Click Here for more information.